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Welcome to Life, Wellness & Words! I’m Alessia Maria (she/her/they), the gal behind this blog. Can’t wait to get to know you!

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  • Why and How I Plan Monthly Pinterest Boards

    Happy September! Beginning of a new month and I haven’t posted for a while so figured now would be a good time. Why? My mental health is so unpredictable that it’s not always easy to know when or how to pull myself out of a spiral. Something I’ve been doing for, oh goodness, about a

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  • Portfolio

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  • Meditation and What it has Taught me Over the Years

    I’ve been into on and off meditation for a few years now and every time I get back into it it completely blows my mind. One of the first times I got majorly into meditating was when I was sick in 2019 with something called PANDAS disorder. At that point, different self-care routines were the

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  • Meet Frida, The Newest Member of our Family

    Frida, born June 13, 2021 was welcomed into our family a few days ago! She’s a calm golden doodle with a HUGE personality and we already love her so much!

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